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A lot can be said about the swine flu. Truth be told, the virus is affecting people no different than any other in the past. Throw aside the questions of origination in a lab and mandatory vaccination. This flu acts and behaves like any other. Make sure to use caution in public places. Don't sit next to the coughing guy. Wash your hands frequently to prevent cross contamination.

The flu virus takes advantage of a weak immune system. Make sure you are keeping your body in the best shape you can. From exercise to supplements do what you feel comfortable with. Just make sure the end goal is a healthier you. Immune building smoothies are a great way to introduce your body to vitamins and minerals. I also suggest keeping hand sanitizer on everyone that comes in contact with others. Being able to have a quick hand wash will stop germs in there tracks. Remember to wash with the sanitizer at least once an hour if you are touching a lot of things that everyone in the office or work place may come into contact with. It is always best to avoid the situation but sometimes we can’t so just wash it off!

If by chance you see any flu like symptoms get to a Doctor quickly for a check up! He will then be in the best position to diagnose and give treatment. The swine flu is like any other flu, good common sense, personal hygiene and health will keep most problems away. Ultimately the chance of getting the swine flu is extremely minimal. Your risk goes up with the amount of social contact.

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Go to Swine Flu Truth to see video of the 1976 Swine Flu!

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