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okay so ive heard about the swine flu in mexico b4, but today at school we got notices and like warnings about the "pandemic" saying that we have to be careful because its in the bay area in south CA where our community lives. so, im probably overreacting and stuffs, but does that mean its going to spread between hundreds of people and everything!?!?!? I am really freaking out because people in downtown SJ have been heard to have it which is only 20 mins away from our community. Is it true that there's no cure and that teenagers can easily die from it?!?!
gosh now i really regret watching I AM LEGEND lol!
all answers and information are greatly appreciated! (:


Nicole<3 said...

start to improve your health eat 1-6 cloves of fresh choped garlic a day. sprinkle ground cinnamon on your cereal.
Fresh garlic is the best natural antibiotic you can get.iv had abscess teeth for 15 years and IM still here.with garlic my colds usually last 1-2 days or less.
drink lemon juice 1-2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water [distilled] preferably.vinegar works the same but taste nasty.
start slow on the garlic because your stomach isn't use to it.cut the clove in to small slices and scoop it onto a spoon and swish it down with a drink of water.if it burns to much drink a few mouth fulls of milk to cut the burn.
iv done around 3 cloves of garlic for 6 years now
all so get [ N-95 ] respirator masks form the net or rite aid best you can get 95% aaffective
not promoting this company just one i found with a picture on it.…
some one gave me a thumbs down because they dont like garlic?

ommother said...

No you can get treated for it. It is the same as anyother flu just from a pig. The normal flu you can also die from as well. If you start to come down with the normal flu symtoms and a fever then you should go to the doctor right away, that way you have no chance at all of dieing unless you have horrible doctors. They will give probably give you tami flu just like the normal flu. If you come down with the symtoms and fever and wait a week, there is a chance you could die but you could still go to the doctor and you would probably end up going to the hospital. It is not that big of a deal just cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough and wash wash wash you hands.

Bakugane… said...

The Swine flu is highly contagious and can spread from human to human. Unfortunately, there is no cure as yet and hence prevention is the only thing the public can do. Just be socially responsible and wear a face mask if you are ill. For those who are not ill, wear the N95 mask/respirator. There are other practical steps you can take in
After reading these tips I feel that I can take sensible steps to protect myself and my family from Swine Flu. No point in blind panic. Just take action!

Bakugane… said...

Well yeh it is quite possible that it will spread up to your area or as you said its quite likely that it has already though its nothing to worry about as you are a teenager so you are less effected by it than middle aged people. Though no there are no cures for it though there are a lot of scientists working on it so we should have one soon also we have the Tammy flu tablets that subdue it. Though as long as your cleanly sneeze into the crook of your elbow instead of your hand wash your hands you should be fine.

deb said...

Signs and Symptoms of Swine Flu
The swine flu outbreak of 2009 is caused by a mutated form of the swine influenza virus that can be transmitted through human contact. The H1N1 strain of swine influenza has been known to be transmitted to humans, and intimate contact like sneezing or kissing can transfer the virus between people. Like most forms of influenza, swine flu among humans is highly contagious. The person harboring the swine flu virus may be contagious for up to seven days from the onset of the illness.
Here are some common signs and symptoms of swine flu among human beings:
* High fever (above 37 degrees Celsius)
* Sore throat, sneezing, and a runny nose
* Coughing and other breathing difficulties
* Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
* Loss of appetite, drowsiness, and sleepiness.

Victoria said...

8,836,045 inhabitants in Mexico City 12 confirmed deaths...lets put this in perspective.....Every year in the United States, on average:
5% to 20% of the population gets the flu;
more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications; and
about 36,000 people die from flu-related causes.
Make up your own mind ...its a huge cover up of somthin?
12 deaths and we are on a level 5 alert?
440000 people die from smoking every year and all we do is raise the tax on cigs?.......get real
2.2million people die in africa from aids.....
12 people from swine flu and the president wants 2.1 billion$
If u beleve all this swine b.s. I got som ocean front property in Az. for sale....I only except Pay/Pal:)

kensterr said...

seriously dont worry about it, it almost like a regular flu but a little more sevire, (idk if i spelled that right) Its just like the common cold, theres no cure for it, so when people here that, they start freaking out. The only reason the baby died in texas is because its a baby. And babys and really old people dont have the right imune system to fight the flu, but ours is just like an adults, HEALTHY. Dont worry, this is america, we have help unlike the poor parts of mexico where people died.

bodyheal said...

well, i think you'll be okay if you just are aware of everything
number one: the media is stretching out the story, swine flu is actually a pretty mild illness and most people can recover from it from little medical attention.
number two: people in mexico are dying off quicker because they dont have as advanced medications and techonology
number three: just stay away from huge public events and any coughing or sneezing people
number four: carry some hand sanitizer around, and use it when you absolutely have to, dont become addicted to it
thats pretty much it, i'm sure you'll be fine, just watch what you touch[[:
hope i helped!

Tom D said...

Yes, you can die from it... Yesterday, a 23 month year old died from it. Its very contagious.
Remember that flu incubates for about 2 weeks, so don't slack off on the safety ... keep your hands washed and remember you could be carrying the virus even if you're not sick yet... so don't go breathing on old people for a while.
The human-to-human strain isn't that bad. Be aware that you could contract it, be aware that you can carry it long before showing symptoms (that's how it spreads so easily), and maintain basic cleanliness. If you have symptoms, go to a doctor.

Marcus C said...

This flu is no worse than the regular flu symptom wise, it's no more of a killer than regular flu. MANY people die from the regular flu each year. In FACT you are more likely to die from the regular flu than swine flue. It's just that it is so different from current flu that we don't have vaccines to it.
Relax, wash your hands, cover your sneeze, eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water. All of those things are the ONLY proven methods for defending yourself against virus'.

shane said...

swine influenza is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. It regularly causes high flu outbreaks in pigs but with low death rates. There are four main sub-types of the virus, but the most recent isolated influenza viruses from pigs have been H1N1 viruses.
for further info check below link.

MICHAEL 4EVR!! <3 <3 <3 said...

I was worried too but felt much better after reading this article:
Washing your hands is a good idea. Surprisingly, garlic does have antibiotic effects. Oh, and you can't get swine flu from eating pork products. I hope this helps!

Olivia said...

I just read about it and this is very serious, they said it may take months until they find a vaccine to cure up this pandemic. I would say just be cautious of your surroundings and if you see anyone with a cold avoid them!!!! i would get checked every other week since you live in the cali area and they said there had been outbreaks there

Anneliese van der Pol said...

It is the same exact thing as the regular flu but it's a different strain. People are REALLY going overboard with it; about 30,000 people per year die of the regular flu, compared to 159 from Mexico. That 30,000 towers over the 159 from MEXICO. Why are people panicking about a disease that is just named fancily? Look up the symptoms and you'll see why I am so irritated with the worldwide panic about this stupid flu crap. I'm sick of hearing about it.
It's the same thing as the regular flu people get all the time. Obama, Egypt, and everyone else is stretching this WAY too far.

bcjammer said...

It is possible to die form it, however in all the "Swine Flu" cases reported so far in the United States no body has died. The US has enough medicine to control it, however it is critical that if any symptoms of "Swine Flu" show up you seek medical attention immediately. It is said that if you do not seek medical attention you can die in 72 hours. We are all very worried, but the best we can do is calm down, be positive, and make sure we wash our hands every so often or use sanitizer.

shwetha said...

Yes, there is no cure YET. NO, teenagers do not die easy. Mostly toddlers and babies die easier because their immune system cannot handle it. THere has only been one death in the US and it was a 23 or 32 month old child. 1 out of 109 people died. So I don not think you really have to worry. Yes, you should be careful and make sure to keep clean. Don't over react. I don't know how fast it spreads so try to be careful what you do and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!

Sara K said...

They should close the borders so that people can't get up here and spread it around. I believe that a lot of communities (or at least my city) has a ton of medicine stored up that is the cure for this [or something like that]. If there are outbreaks in the city, they'll start distributing it. All we can do for now is try not to worry and leave it up to God. Also wash your hands A LOT. And if you go to mexico wear a surgical mask :)

Whittles said...

ok swine flu is
1- easy to get if u r a young or old person so people between ages 20-50 don't have a really high risk of getting it
2-if u got a friend with swine flu u want to contact just use email and phone
3- don't visit Mexico
5- if u have swine flu go to th hospital ASAP do not hesitate
Best way to stay safe
try not to go touching a lot of things also
stay safe and good luck surviving JK : D

sapphyre said...

Honestly, I think its something that we should all be aware of, but it's not something we should totally get completely worked up about.
look at the statistics:
Over 200,000 people die everyday from regular influenza.
Swine flu isn't going to kill that many people.
I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal out of it.
And its probably going to be just a repeat of the mad cow disease, and everything's going to go back to normal.

..ANA.. said...

Don't worry. Here in Chicago there were some notices sent out and I freaked too. Just try to stay clean, wash your hands, and stay cool. There is little chance that you will die from this and, yes, there is a cure. For the most part, people will get over it and the illness targets mainly people with weak immunes systems. It is fatal in very few cases so just chill for now.

E said...

Pandemic means the SAME infection spreads from person to person without mutating in several countries.
Epidemic is tha same in a smaller space - city, state or single country.
I am Legend was an EPIDEMIC, which then spread.
Whilst a work of fiction, it highlights some extreme possibilities.
As the infected individuals were all aboard a few aircraft, though the concern is there, providing minimal close contact with strangers takes place and you follow basic hygeine rules, for now there is a small collection of unfortunate suffers.
Tragically those who died were not the usual infirm / young / old.

Beczzzz said...

The symptoms for swine flu are very similar to regular influenza. Cough, fever, body aches and such.
Small children and older people are more at risk while infected than a healthy teenager.
As of yet there is only one reported fatality in the U.S.
Certain precautions should be taken to avoid infection as well as knowledge of the symptoms for swine flu to lesson the dangers of this particular strain.
Plese visit this hub to better educate yourself about this new and potentially deadly flu virus.

ImMapleC said...

Swine flu is really serious. Swine flu can really kill people if you don't do things right. Swine flu can spread really quick around the world. If you don't want to get the swine flu, Wash your hands, don't pick on your nose, and don't rub your eyes. If you really, really need to rub your eyes, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. I recommend you use hand sanitizer, i've tried it and it really helps.

Raul M said...

Well, I've heard about it like a few days ago.
It's freaking me out to.
All you gotta do is be healthy.
In Texas, a baby died from the swine flu. (It was only 2 years old D;)
I know freaky..
They shut down all the schools over here where I live.
Which is in Texas.
But don't worry but just be careful.
You might never know is you get swine flu.
I hope this will help.

falloutg said...

don't worry too much.
it does affect younger, healthy people more. it's been questioned whether this is due to us having stronger immune systems that may overreact and damage our respiratory systems.
just wash your hands often and don't stress.
if you do get sick, there is medicine that treats it effectively!
either Tamiflu or Relenza, and i believe there are a few others, work just fine. you take it if you get sick. you need to take it within 24 hours of symptoms (bad aches, fever over 100, other flu symptoms) for it to be most effective.

pdean said...

the death rate in the world for flu's in general are around 500k per year, or roughly 1370 per day. Since all of Mexico's deaths are simply suspected to be related to the swine flu, even the WHO is saying that only 7 have been confirmed.
The swine flu so far for being so 'rapidly spread' has a FAR lower mortality rate than any other flu yet seen.

sage said...

Wow over 100 answers! That's amazing.
Anyway, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the swine flu is just like any other flu. Most people who die from it are immune compromised; very young, very old, or have an immune disorder. Those who are healthy and die (which is rare) probably didn't seek medical help after several days of high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. So they dehydrate.

pickledo said...

NUMBER ONE- Viral infections are incurable at the current time, there are only vaccinations which help to fight the virus in case a body intercepts viruses, but in the case of Swine Flu there is no treatment for the influenza and it does not affect teenagers more easily than it does seniors, the only person to die in the United states was a senior, (which by the way are commonly more susceptible to the simple flu we all know as well.)

;] VeRoNiCa ;] said...

dont panic... just wash your hand 15-30 sec
when you cough or sneeze...cover your mouth when you do it because that is how its teacher told this in NV
this is how swine flu works,
1) people touch swine flu with their hand or somthing
2) they are probably gonna rub their nose
3) they start to sneeze to other people
4) they have swine flu
swine flu are very small,smaller than bacteria and germs

chocoroc said...

If you do what you think is right you shoul be just fine. RIght now a lot of people are kinda over-reacting. Not saying this is a joke..becuase its not..but just saying. Wash your hands many times during the day, stay away from sick people..and avoid contact with eyes,mouth,and nose. It's not the worst possible stage it could be yet either..and the govt. is doing everything it can..I'd say if it did reach a might wanna be concerned..but as of now, no.

Tony said...

well they say their is no cure an yes it can spread if the people get early symptom an they dont go check on the symptoms it can be possible that it will spread .. an well people have recovered from it but other people dont .. they said the one thing that can help but is not 100% that it will is a bigger doses on flu vaccine but the thing is that you can get an allergic reaction or the flu shot will hurt more an give you more side effects...

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