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Im 24 almost 25 weeks pregnant and have fallen ill with a cold/flu. Just the usual cough, runny nose, headache, tired, body ahces and just feeling lazy! If there wasnt so much hooha going around about swine flu i really wouldnt be worried and since im pregnant i thought i better ask. Does anyone know the risks of swine flu to pregnant woman? Or how to tell the difference from a normal cold to swine flu?


dexter said...

Sorry to say but most people who died from the Swine flu was pregnant women, SO go to the dr asap!
Sorry to say it was on the news the other day.
On the one hand, healthy pregnant women who get infected with the flu are at increased risk of serious illness and hospitalization. In fact, the second H1N1 flu death in the United States was a pregnant woman. from the website below

Mummy to a boy and preg with #2 said...

1 in every 8 people who died around the globe because of the h1n1 flu or the swine flu were pregnant women ......pregnant wommen are at great risk .....if you have any of these symptoms pls visit a docter::::
2.sore throat.sudden high fever
3.body ache
please care about ur baby n u,wear a maskto protect ur self and others from gettin the vrus

Bee said...

The first answer was a bunch of bs. Out of all the people who died in the US from the swine flu only one was pregnant and it was said she another underlying condition along with just about everyone else that died from the swine flu. I don't think the swine flu carries an extra risk to pregnant women we are just more at risk of contracting it. I don't know the difference between the two either. I DO know that more people die from the regular flu and that the two biggest symptoms of the swine flu are SORE THROAT AND FEVER. I see you didn't mention those so I think you are safe. When swine flu first appeared in the states they wouldn't even test you for it unless you had both symptoms.

StillPre said...

My best friend died from swine flu on june 5th she was 11 weeks pregnant the news didn't even say she was pregnant just that she had an underlying condition but she was perfectly healthy before her only condition was pregnancy. Swine flu is a respiratory virus that can lead to pneumonia My friend called me saying she had a fever and 2 days later was told it was swine flu when i talked to her then she could barely talk and was gasping for breath. If you get a fever you should go to the dr right away and get tamiflu. pregnant woman have to low of an immune system to handle this virus Everyone says the media is making a big deal out of nothing but in my experience i think they are down playing it

gliter25 said...

Swine flu is just like any other flu. Any flu can kill you but the people dying from swine flu were in like Mexico where they don't have nearly as good health care.
It's probably just a cold and if you're really worried go to the doctors, but swine flu isn't really a concern to me.

KMichell said...

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