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All your answers are very much appreciated. thanks


jana said...

At the moment your in more danger of catching it in the West than in Hong Kong.
Come the 24 May things may have changed so you would be wise checking again nearer the date.

Mr Hex Vision said...

Just follow the same common sense rules that moms have all the time.
1. Wash hands before eating.
2. Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.
3. Wash hands after being on the subway/bus.
4. Wash hands after being on the playground.
5. When in doubt, wash hands again!
Pack a larger bottle of hand sanitizer into your checked bag (can't carry it on the airlines) along with a couple of smaller bottles for you to carry in your pockets/purse. You can definitely find hand sanitizer in HK, but this way, you won't have to go looking for it.
For the airplane ride . . . you can bring handi-wipes. They come in handy no matter what the situation is.
Most of all, just relax and have a good time. There are more people suffering and dying from known strands of influenza. I'm not sure why the media is hyping this one so much.
Good luck!

Victoria said...

Millions of people live in the city and there has been 1 case - I would worry about it at all. Almost everybody who has got this virus has been to Mexico, and doesn't appear to spreading anywhere near as rapidly as originally feared - you will be perfectly fine. Besides - the Chinese are notoriously good at dealing with this kind of virus outbreak, Sars for example was handled with perfection for the government over their and a potentially murderous disease was dealt with swiftly - with much praise by governments abroad.
You will fine - Honk Kong is a wonderful place - have a great time, and just enjoy it, at the moment you're more likely to get it in this country than there and we've only had a few cases - plus statistically you've got a one in 44m chance of getting it at the moment.
Good travels :-)

Craftyla said...

Swine flu is a case of the media over playing an illness.
It is not a pandemic and is not killing hundreds of people.
This flu is not different than other flu's, and in fact has affected fewer people than most flu out breaks.
If you are careful as you should be in any crowd you are going to be just as safe in Hong Kong as you would be in your home town.

Euro explorer said...

I'd be more worried about the flight itself. There's only been one case in Hong Kong and it was from a man from Mexico. However, if you're leaving Hong Kong from Mexico/US/Canada (or countries where there have been higher numbers of confirmed cases) and if one of the people on the flight has it and/or is sick, then the chances of you catching the virus would be higher (you're stuck on the same plane as the person, breathing the same circulated air for 12+ hours)

lestermo said...

in the meantime, just 1 case happened in HK n he is a mexcian... the government quarantined him inside the hotel he stay for 7 days & let him go now. i dun think we r v concern abt the swine flu here at the moment. so i guess no worry of coming here to HK. i just flew SYD myself last w.end n they do hv even more cases discovered then compared w/ HK.

KathyM said...

I think you are pretty safe going to Hong Kong than some cities in the US. I'm going to Hong Kong this june and hopefully it doesn't become so hyped up like in mexico or the US.
have fun!

NMS HKG said...

keep an eye on how things going in the coming wks?
I personally believe HK won't have a massive epidemic for the H1N1.

RicMon87 said...

it is NEVER a good idea to go to HK

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