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If the Pandemic Flu keeps a family home for eight weeks at a time, what does a family need to prepare; besides emergency food? There are reports that that there may be up to three waves (eight weeks each) before medicine is available. I have stocked up on food; what else?


Gary H said...

Well, I'll start off as saying that H1N1 has been predicted to be a Category 2 pandemic. Meaning that when this is over, in between 90,000 and 450,000 Americans could die. That only includes Americans. It also means kids and adults could be kept home from school up to 4 weeks at a time.
But, seeing how this is just a prediction, the CDC could be wrong. It could be worse, or even better than that. But I doubt it's going to get even better, seeing how it's mostly mild, but overall moderate in severity. Prepare for the worst, but don't panic too much. Only panic if it starts killing hundreds a day. Or if you hear that it's mutated and that mutated form is circulating in the population.
Food, Water, Medical Kits, as much medicine as you can get, and anything else you can think of. I would also gather family together in the biggest house that your family owns (so you have room of course) if it gets worse.
Remember, viruses are very unpredictable, so anything could happen. This could last up to two years, so of course you can't stay at your house the whole two years. You have to leave to get supplies. And if you didn't want to leave, then you would have to buy supplies for up to two years, and that would be a LOT of money. So if this doesn't last for two years, then hey, you got extra food. Try to get food that lasts for long periods of time, like canned food. Hopefully so many people don't die that keeps up with our electric and things like that, cause then power could go out (especially if a storm blows through) and you'd be without power, too.
Prepare for the worst...but hope for the best.

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